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Tuesday 19 january 2 19 /01 /Jan 07:42

what your favorite food at your place to stay? I wanted to share with you about my favorite food during stay in Japan. many special foods in Japan, of course, traditional Japanese food. maybe, you can found the Japanese restaurant where you live. but, believe me. There was no good as what you eat if you live in Japan.

so, this is 10 my favorite foods during his stay in Japan

1. Ramen (with half-cooked egg)

Ramen typically shouldn’t exceed 1000 yen. I love the soup, half-cooked eggs (they’re a must!), and the pork. Ramen shops are found everywhere and each has its own style.

2. Omelette Rice


I recommend omelette rice because I love eggs! They basically consist of rice wrapped by a layer of eggs.

3. Takoyaki


These things consist of a round ball of batter and a small piece of octopus inside. The inside may also include red ginger and tempura scraps, and it’s usually topped with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, bonito flakes, and seaweed. Mayonnaise in Japan tastes different from the mayonnaise in my country.

4. Okonomiyaki


Okonomiyaki shares many common ingredients as takoyaki. These are pancakes made of special batter and may contain red ginger, tempura scraps, carrots, cabbage, noodles, beef, seafood, … etc, and may be topped with the same things as takoyaki, except with a different type of sauce. The sauces at every restaurant is probably different. The ingredients are different, too, depending on the variation. Each okonomiyaki I’ve eaten at each restaurant is different. I guess that’s why I never got tired of eating these.

5. Shabu-shabu


This is a type of Japanese hot pot. When I was in Kyoto I went to this chain called Fu Fu Tei for a total of 5 times in 4 months… I went with people from clubs I participated in and also brought visitors to eat there. For about 2000 yen, it’s all-you-can-eat.  (+1000 yen more for all-you-can-drink.) So within two hours you can order as much meat as you like. Besides really thinly-sliced meat they also have mixed vegetables, noodles, tofu, rice, and mochi. Really great stuff.

The pot in the picture is actually split into two parts: one for sukiyaki, and one for shabu-shabu (it’s split top and bottom). Sukiyaki is usually eaten with ponzu mixed with raw egg and green onions, whereas shabu-shabu is usually eaten with sesame seed sauce. In this picture I think we got plain soup with kelp for the shabu-shabu soup base. They also have curry and soy soup bases.

6. Kaiten Sushi


The franchise I went to in Kyoto is called Kappa Zushi and they offer most sushi plates at 105 yen, with some items priced higher. They have a great variety of sushi and I can’t identify each type of fish/seafood. I love this place because it has a little touchscreen monitor that you can order dishes with (that includes sushi, soup, and dessert) and your food is delivered by a little shinkansen. Neat!

7. Yakiniku


Aka grilled meat. You get to grill all kinds of meat on your own grill. To be honest I like shabu-shabu a lot better.

8. Yakisoba


Fried noodles. They are served like okonomiyaki, on a hot plate, and also topped with special sauce.

9. Kaisen Don

Raw seafood on top of rice. Think of a variety of sashimi on top of plain rice. It looks intimidating first but it’s actually really good when topped with soy sauce. Can get expensive if you eat often. I don’t have a picture but this is a good example. For some reason there are many branches of the same franchise in the downtown area close to where I live in Kyoto.


Grilled chicken on a stick. This picture actually features beef and pork as well, I think. I got these in an izakaya but they are also very common in other restaurants.


YUMMY! so, don't forget to try these foods if you visit Japan!!!

By Japan in My Mine - Community: Special from Japan
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